A Daughter Needs A Dad

To Be The Standard Against Which She Will Judge All Men.

Every Girl Needs a Father To Be The Standard Against Which She Will Judge, All Men.

When I first read this sentence, I couldn’t help it but say, Yes Sir! That is a fact.

I am blessed to have two grown-up sons who are fathers of their own. My youngest son has a beautiful two-year-old daughter whom he greatly cherishes, and she adores him as well. I cannot help it but think if my son is ready to set the standard with which my granddaughter will judge every man who crosses her path.

I never had daughters of my own, but like every woman who was born on this earth, I too had a father. Thinking back to my childhood, I adored my father. My father was the true meaning of a role model. He did many things that taught me how men should behave and he set a high standard for the men in my life.

Recent studies of father-daughter relationships concluded that fathers define their daughters’ relationships, romantic or otherwise.
A father sets the example by which his daughter will view other men, romantically and platonically. A father is the role model for his daughter. He is nurturing, compassionate, and above all, he shows her how others should treat her.

My father had a positive influence in my sons’ lives

He helped shape them into the fine men they are today. He taught them, through his actions, how to behave as young men and how to respect women: their mother, female friends, future wives and of course their daughters.

My husband who didn’t have any daughter and who wished that he had one, also influenced my sons in how to treat young women and how to show them the respect and love they deserve.

A mother plays a critical role in the life of her children, much of which comes from her father. From a young age, I picked up on the way my father treated women, especially my mother. My father loved my mother and his daughters. He taught my sister and me that we, as females, must expect respect, love, and care from the men in our lives.

A Loving Father-Daughter Relationship is Essential

My youngest son has started shaping his daughter’s future and perception of men. My husband, her grandfather, is also a role model to my granddaughter. My husband shows her tremendous love and nurture. My granddaughter adores my husband and is very fond of him. I am so grateful that the men who are in my granddaughter’s life set such a high standard.

Studies prove that fathers play a vital role in the emotional development of their daughters.
When a father loves his daughter, she develops a certain sense of self-worth and confidence in her abilities. The father-daughter relationship is vital for her to develop positive self-esteem and self-worth. Studies also show that her relationship with her father greatly influences her academic achievements.

A daughter who communicates openly and regularly with her father, develop the communication skills that allow her to interact with males and females more effectively. The level of emotional maturity is undeniable when a baby girl and throughout her life, communicates with her father in a positive and uplifting attitude, which encourages her to express her feelings, her emotions, and her thoughts with confidence.

It is evident that if the daughter has a healthy relationship with her father, it is easier for her to find a loving, caring husband in the future. A young lady learns what to look for in a romantic relationship by watching her own father’s actions, behaviors, and traits.

I am very grateful for my father for he was a fantastic man with great honor, and love for everyone and life. My dad lived a full and fruitful life. My father passed on at the age of 87. He left us with loving memories of his sweet smile, his perfect manners and encouraging words. He would fill the room with happiness and positiveness wherever he would be. I am glad I am writing this article today to celebrate his birthday. My Dad would have turned 93 this week. Thanks, Dad, Love you always.

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