A Daughter Needs A Dad

Every Girl Needs a Father
To Be The Standard Against Which She Will Judge, All Men.

It is amazing! I recall when I first read this sentence, I couldn’t help it but say, Yes, definitely! That is a reality. A Daughter Needs A Dad To Be The Standard Against Which She Will Judge, All Men.

A daughter needs a dad

How important is a father to a daughter? To answer this question, I have to say, I am also a daughter who needed a Dad!

Even though I never had daughters of my own, but similar to everyone, I too had a father. Thinking back to my childhood, I adored my father. My father was the true meaning of a role model. He did many things that taught me how men should behave and he set a high standard for the men who came into my life.

During my recent research, I found that current studies of father-daughter relationships concluded that fathers define their daughters’ relationships, romantic or otherwise.

A Daughter Needs A Dad
My Youngest Son With His Two-Year-Old Beautiful Daughter

How Should a father treat his daughter?

A father sets the example by which his daughter will view other men, romantically and platonically. A father is the role model for his daughter. He is nurturing, compassionate, and above all, he shows her how others should treat her.

My Dad had a great influence on my choice of the man I married. I married a man who has the same values and morals as my father. My husband is almost as funny, as kind, and as nurturing as my dad was. It is incredible how a father can guide his daughter, without much lecturing, to make her life long choices.

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What Are the Things a Daughter Needs from Her Father?

  1. A daughter needs her father, you, to be actively interested and involved in her life.

  2. Moreover, she needs your support, not just financially, but also emotionally. 

  3. Your daughter needs your unconditional love.

  4. She wants you to be her confidante. She must be able to trust you.

  5. A daughter needs you to be a positive role model, an ethical father, who tells the truth and has high moral values.

  6. All daughters need their dad to be a strong spiritual leader.

  7. She looks up to you and determines, based on your actions with her mother, what a healthy marriage is.

    A Daughter Needs Dad’s Love

Grandfathers have positive influences on their grandchildren

I am blessed to have two sons who are now fathers of their own. My youngest son, blessed with a beautiful two-year-old daughter, exceedingly cherishes her. And she adores him as well. Sometimes, I think how ready is my son to set the standard with which my granddaughter will judge every man who crosses her path.

My Dad helped shape my sons into the fine men they are today. In fact, he taught them, through his actions, how young men should behave. He also showed them how to respect women, specifically their mother, female friends, future wives and of course their daughters.

My husband who didn’t have a daughter and who wished that he had one, also influenced my sons in how to treat young women and how to show them the respect and love they deserve.

A mother also plays a critical role in the life of her children, much of which comes from her father. During my teenage years, I picked up on the way my father treated women, especially my mother. My father loved my mother and his daughters. He taught my sister and me that we, as females, must expect respect, love, and care from the men in our lives.

Grandparents are essentials in the growth of their grandsons. A Daughter Needs A Dad
My Awesome Father is hugging my two boys. My Sons adored my dad and looked up to him

A Loving Father-Daughter Relationship is Essential

My youngest son is shaping his daughter’s future and perception of men. Moreover, my husband, her grandfather, is also a fabulous influence on my granddaughter’s upbringing. Our granddaughter has a second role model. My husband shows her tremendous love and nurture.

My only granddaughter is very fond of my husband; she adores him. We are tremendously blessed with the men in my granddaughter’s life who set such a high standard.

A Daughter Needs A Dad
My Youngest Son Hugging His Two-Year-Old Daughter. Unconditional Love!

A Daughter needs a dad for sound emotional development.

Studies prove that Dads play a vital role in the emotional development of their daughters. In fact, when a father loves his daughter, she develops a certain sense of self-worth that gives her confidence in her abilities.

The father-daughter relationship is vital for her to develop positive self-esteem and self-worth. Additionally, recent studies show that a girl’s relationship with her father considerably influences her academic achievements.

A Daughter Needs a Dad to learn how to communicate openly

A daughter who communicates openly and regularly with her father, develop the communication skills that allow her to interact with males and females more effectively.

Furthermore, the level of emotional maturity is undeniable when a baby girl, interacts with her father in a positive and uplifting attitude. As she continues to communicate with him throughout her life, she is encouraged to express her feelings, her emotions, and her thoughts with confidence.

It is evident that if the daughter has a healthy relationship with her father, it is easier for her to find a loving, caring husband in the future. A young lady learns what to look for in a romantic relationship by watching her own father’s actions, behaviors, and traits.

Dads, your daughters need you!

I am very grateful for my father for he was a fantastic man with great honor, and love for life and everyone. My dad lived a full and fruitful life. He passed on at the age of 87, leaving us with loving memories of his sweet smile, his perfect manners and encouraging words. He would fill any room he enters with happiness and positiveness wherever he would be.

I am glad I am writing this article around Father’s Day to celebrate my late father. My Dad would have turned 94 this year. Thanks, Dad, Love you always.

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