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Fine Mindset

Life is an ocean, it can be still or calm, and rigid or rough, but ultimately, it is always beautiful!

Summer is the opportune time to take care of YOU. We hear the talk of self-care all year, but how committed are we to it if you ask yourself honestly?

We all can cite many issues that get in the way of allowing us to care for ourselves. But if you practice over the summer, maybe you’ll find some routines that fill you with joy that will carry over into the fall.

Every day we attempt to understand the purpose of our lives. We long to recognize our capabilities to release them into the world to find our happiness.

Here are five simple ways I plan on doing this summer to heal my ailments to come back stronger for the fall!

1. Start every morning with a smile: A smile increases your face value.

My number one way to start the day is with a deep breath and a smile. Living in the High Desert of California, the sunshine state, I have access to mountains and beaches that I don’t take advantage of as much as I should throughout the year. I am planning a short trip to the beach in a couple of weeks. But spending time in the peace of a fresh morning air is the most rejuvenating thing I love to do. The morning sun rays hit my face and warm my skin energizes me for the entire day.

2. Eat tasty food

Summer is the time to enjoy delicious meals, backyard BBQs, gatherings and get together. Eat foods that taste good and feels good afterward without a need to detox from the summer. There are so many opportunities to enjoy healthy and tasty food and drink. The key to this is moderation and choosing the right type of food to eat. Yes, sometimes you might have to do some modification for vacations or celebrations. All it takes is to opt for a salad for lunch with grilled chicken instead of a burger. My weakness is bread, so I am going to cut back on the bread and butter with my salad. Desert is also another weakness of mine, so I opt for gelato instead of ice cream. Every once in a while, I will enjoy a  burger without a bun at a barbecue. I do not mean to be restrictive, I just plan-ahead, as engineers do, in keeping with my intention of returning to the best version of me.

Ocean with greens - Great mindset

3. Spend time with people I love

My loved ones give me a lot of joy and gladness. If you are an extrovert, like me, it will be easy for you to enjoy the people you love with a tasty meal or with a walk. After the morning routine that gives you time to nurture your soul quietly. It is easy to neglect the ones we love when we are busy with our daily lives, but I will reconnect this summer with the ones I need to reconnect at least with a text message. I put a reminder on my smartphone to nudge my memory of who I haven’t checked in with lately.
Other than that, stay connected with my children and grandchildren does not require a reminder. I enjoy spending time with them, they gave my life a boast, and I believe my outlook on life becomes more positive after spending time with them.


4) Commit to an hour of enriching reading a day

Many of you, I included, would love to read those books you have meant to read for a while. I have been saving many items waiting from Twitter, Pocket, and others that I want to read. So, I will enjoy reading while I am sitting in the fresh morning air and sunshine with my coffee and book. I love and appreciate this method because my mind stays sharp without feeling like a chore. When I am fresh, I can think of new ideas to develop.

5) Schedule a mid-day Break

In the summer, I like to have a plan; however, I try not to over schedule. The long days of summer and the great weather gives me the freedom and flexibility to do what you want when you want. But, I try to go to bed at a fixed time and wake up early to soak in the morning sun. With the long summer days, I will take mid-day nap whether I am tired or not. Even if I don’t fall asleep, I will retreat to a relaxing area and stretch to rejuvenate. A mid-day break helps keep me alert and focused throughout the day. There’s tons of research to back this up – a quick google search, and you’ll be scheduling your naps, too!

Maui Trip May 2016

As I write this blog, I am thinking of all of you who want to enjoy the summer in a happy mindset and with a positive outlook on life. Will you join me?

Join me in the comments below and tell me how you’re planning on spending your summer in a happier way.

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