HEALTHMINDER Personal Wellness Journal Health Diary and Symptoms Log

HEALTHMINDER Personal Wellness Journal Health Diary and Symptoms Log

The HEALTHMINDER Personal Wellness Journal has been published for the past 16 years under the title MEMORYMINDER Personal Health Journal. HealthMinder is simply a new, more descriptive title for this excellent, checklist-style health diary.

For conditions or concerns of virtually any kind, the HealthMinder is an easy way to keep track of everything including medications, vitamins, vital signs, pain and other symptoms, sleep habits, daily exercise, meals, and much more.

Even the weather and pollen counts can be logged. As part of the easy-to-use daily format, two human body outlines make it simple to mark areas of pain, rashes, etc.

Each day consists of a 2-page spread and the spiral binding makes it convenient for writing. Records will be more organized and accurate; patterns may be discovered, progress can be observed.

The pages are not pre-dated so it can be used every day or whenever needed. Doctors, patients, health enthusiasts, caregivers, students, and others rave about the HealthMinder.

This journal can, indeed, be a lifesaver!Used Book in Good Condition

HEALTHMINDER Personal Wellness Journal Health Diary and Symptoms Log size

This HEALTHMINDER Personal Wellness Journal, Health Diary and Symptoms Log is fabulous.

If you have a hard time remembering how you felt and don’t remember to communicate your daily condition to your doctor during your scheduled visit. If you end up drawing a blank each time she asks you how it’s been since your last visited her office, then, you will be so grateful to have found this journal.

This amazing Diary provides you with a perfect outline to mark symptoms and pain. It is very easy to take it with you to your appointments to have a clear picture to show your medical team of how your daily log was.

An Excelent way for keeping track of your health

If you have a number of health conditions, this journal will help keep daily track of your symptoms, location and type of pain, medications taken, vitamins and supplements taken. It also has a place to login food and drink consumed.

It is very helpful for you and your doctors, and medical professionals.

I really like this journal. It is pretty much divided into four sections.

Section One:

An introduction or Getting Started. It has tips for using your HealthMinder, and symptoms glossary.

Section Two:

Journal pages for 95 days. It includes Daily Record of Conditions and Habits.

Section Three:

This section of the Journal has Additional Health Records for personal medical history, medical tests. It also has records fields for insurance and pharmacies, healthcare providers. Furthermore, part three has purchase record, notes and questions, reference calendar, and reorder form.

The Last Section:

The final section is at the end of the journal. It is a vinyl utility pocket that you can keep copies of records or test forms you picked up from you primary care physician and the likes. I find this pocket very handy and often useful.

Our Final Take on HEALTHMINDER Personal Wellness Journal Health Diary and Symptoms Log

This Health Diary is a very well-thought out, organized, and thorough journal. In the daily. It goes over the basics of how you feel day to day. It also provided for input to fill out tests you have done and area to fill out medical provider information, etc.

If you find this review helpful please comment in the comment section below. We really appreciate you feedback.

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