The Ultimate Belly Fat Winter Weapon – High Protein Soup

The Ultimate Belly Fat Winter Weapon - High Protein Soup

This Delicious High Protein Soup Is The Ultimate Belly Fat Winter Weapon To Help You Loss Weight.

Chicken soup is not just warm and cozy, but it is an exceptional remedy for common cold and flu, especially in winters. This winter soup could help you in your weight loss journey as well.

Is Chicken Soup A Belly Fat Winter Weapon?

Winter warming treats such as hot chocolate, pinni, not to mention the heartwarming bowl of chicken soup. The wholesome dish has many variations and qualifies as a winter favorite.

Besides, Belly Fat Winter Weapon, chicken soup is the perfect home remedy for the common cold and flu. When you are drinking the hot soup, it helps relieve chest congestion and de-clog your nose.

Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory compounds in the spices used in the soup are useful in a soothing sore throat and improving flu symptoms. The chunky chicken is a rich source of protein which is essential to revitalizing you from within. Not to mention the special effects in Chicken soup help in shedding a pound or two.

Are All Chicken Soup A Good Belly Fat Winter Weapon?

Now it is essential to realize that not all kinds of chicken soups help in weight loss. The soups with excess corn flour or cream may jeopardize your weight loss goals. However, clear vegetable, chicken soups are healthy and low in fat and very effective as a Belly Fat Winter Weapon

Avoiding heavy cream-based soups is recommended if you are on a weight loss diet. Adding fresh vegetables can make your chicken soup more filling and satiating. A bowl of nutritious chicken soup and side salads may be a healthy choice for those days when you do not want to eat heavy.

Chicken is very high in protein which helps induce a feeling of satiety and prevents you from overeating. Protein is known to regulate the hunger hormone ghrelin and suppresses cravings. Chicken, unlike lamb or pork, is a lean source of protein with lesser fat quotient.

Five Keep In Mind Tips for Making Clear Chicken Soup:

  1. Avoid using fried chicken.
  2. Use fresh chicken, preferably organic or free roaming. Avoid processed meat.
  3. Add fat-burning herbs and spices such as garlic, thyme, lemon grass, and cloves. They add a delightful flavor without any guilt.
  4. Avoid salt because using too much salt leads to water retention and bloating.
  5. Use fresh vegetables, preferably organic, and simmer them well.

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