Should You Gift on Valentine’s Day? Best Products for Your Valentine – Amazing Gift Ideas

Should you give your loved one a gift on Valentine’s Day? If you answer yes please type yes in the comments below. If your answer is No, then let us know why in the comments below.

For those of us who are wondering why are we supposed to give gifts on Valentine’s Day, let me tell you why.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day became associated with love and romance it appeared in the writings of Chaucer in 1382. With the medieval period came a new focus on chaste courtly love, Knights would give roses to their maidens and celebrate their beauty in songs from afar.

But sugar was still a valuable product in Europe, so there was no talk of exchanging candy gifts.

By the 1840s, the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day with romantic love had won over most of the English-speaking world. It was Cupid’s golden age.

The Start of the Box of Chocolate

During this period came Richard Cadbury, heir of a British chocolate manufacturing family and in charge of sales at a crucial point in his company’s history. Richard saw an excellent marketing opportunity for the new chocolates and started selling them in beautifully decorated boxes that he designed.

Cadbury advertised the boxes as having multiple purposes: When the chocolates were gone, the box was so pretty that it might be used to store mementos, from locks of hair to love letters. The Victorian-era Cadbury chocolate boxes still in existence and many are treasured family heirlooms or valuable items prized by collectors.

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Are you thinking of giving your valentine a box of chocolate? Here are some ideas

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day in February?

Today, we might be celebrating Valentine’s Day because of chocolate’s reputation as an aphrodisiac, or it may just be a way for candy companies to sell more products in the period between Christmas and Easter!

Whatever the reason, those decorated little red boxes flood the shelves every year a few weeks before February 14!

Now let us take a look at our options for the best products you can gift to your valentine.

Here are a few gift ideas:

You can never go wrong with a lasting gift of jewelry. Jewelry is charished for a long time and it is a constant remider of the love and thoughtfullness of the one who gave it.

Best Gift Idea From the CDE Chrystal Jewlery. – Amazing Gift Ideas For Any Woman

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Another type of Jewelry is watches. Watches are considered best products especially if they are sold by the designer house that I love, Kate Spade. These beautiful designer smart watches are a league of their own. They combine luxury with functionality that will make any woman fall in love again.

The Best of Kate Spade line of watches and its accessories. Enjoy!

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Chocolates and Fine Candies Are Great Gift Idea Especially For Her.

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Flowers Are Great Gift Idea For Any Occasion!

Gentelmen, I am sure you all know that ladies love to receive flowers, especially at work or at an event. You can give a single rose of a bouquet of roses; it doesn’t matter! Flowers are magical, romantic and enjoyable.

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Gift Ideas Especially For Him!

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I would love to hear from you. Write me and tell me what you will be gifting this year. Leave me a comment with your potential gift and which of the items above was the most appealing.

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