SMART Healthy Habits: Small Goals for Top Results

Many us consider the New Year to be a new start. Some decide to take care of their health based on a life-changing event, like illness, wedding, or childbearing. Making changes for a healthier lifestyle should be your top priority. However, your healthy habits this year must be SMART Habits. You should define small goals to achieve top results. SMART, healthy habits goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Based.

Surveys reveal that 46 percent of Californians chose exercising more and losing weight as their number one resolution. The study found that 20 percent of adults in California are not physically active.

For those of us Californians looking to make changes toward a healthier lifestyle, here are the best ways to get healthy:

Smart Healthy habits in 2019: Small Goals for top results
The SMART Healthy Goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Based

Set SMART Goals For Achieving Healthy Habits

While working for Corporate America, I had to set career goals that are SMART [Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound]. Why not apply the same mindset to healthy living and weight loss?

Ensuring that healthy eating and regular exercise become actual habits is more about setting smaller, achievable goals than making quick, drastic changes. It means that changing from a sugary, high-saturated fat diet to an extremely restricted diet or changing from leading a sedentary lifestyle to preparing to run a marathon might be too extreme for goals.

If you are trying to set a goal of drinking more water to stay hydrated and lose weight by flushing out harmful toxins, then set a goal of drinking at least two gallons of water a day.

Exercise is one of the smart healthy habits.
Exercise is one of the SMART healthy habits

The SMART Healthy Habits Are:

  • Specific – Drinking two gallons of water
  • Measurable – I can easily quantify two gallons.
  • Achievable – I can work on achieving it.
  • Relevant – Associated with my health and weight loss
  • Time-bound – I can do it daily

These SMART goals revolve around healthy eating, and staying fit must be your new lifestyle. Starting small and working on your goals until they become habits will make a positive lifestyle change.

Those might sound small, but they are achievable. It is more exciting when you feel you have achieved your goal today than saying in four months I ran the marathon.

SMART Goals are Specific, measurable,  attainable, and time bound - A smart health tip
Avoid Fads – Healthy Eating is on the SMART Goals

Avoid Fads When Making SMART Healthier Choices

Does your diet have a name? Then think twice before continuing it. I am not a fan of the fad diets or juice cleanses. Many of these fads make it challenging to have a social life or balance things that are important in life.

Healthy lifestyles are just small decisions that you make every day toward being healthy and active. All you need to do is try to fit more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your diet. Choose healthier fats and still leave the room for the occasional indulgences like ice cream.

Meal Planning

Meal planning does not have to be anything too complicated. It is hard enough to find time for meal planning with long workdays, not to mention the commute. It is more about being flexible with meal planning. Meal preparation does not have to take hours in the kitchen. You can easily swap out vegetables, grains, and different protein to keep meals exciting.

Riding bikes daily offers you a smart healthy habit - one of the 9 smart health tips
Bike Riding is a SMART healthy habit

Losing weight

Quick weight loss can do you more harm than good. Your weekly weight loss shouldn’t ever be more than one percent of your body weight at any given time.

The key is keeping things slow and consistent. Two pounds per week should be what to expect for a weight loss goal, although the ones who are higher in weight may occasionally lose more.

The weight will come off in time, so don’t be discouraged if one of those weeks you have a zero pounds loss! If this happens, the following week, you’ll lose twice as much instead. Just stick with it and trust that these improvements, small as they may be, and the attainable goals will work in the long run.

Tips to keep in mind:

  1. The best way to gauge your progress is by how your clothes fit. The looser the clothes the more weight you’ve shed – progress.
  2. Avoid frequently weighting your self; twice per week is sufficient.
  3. Be consistent. Keep the same when and where you weigh yourself so you can have a valid comparison and accurate measure of progress.

Exercising and working out are SMART Healthy Habits

Walking, simple as it may sound, is a great way to ease into exercise. Walking is considered to be a moderate intensity exercise that can help you get in around five hours of activity a week for weight loss; 150 minutes is deemed to be optimal for vigorous intensity workouts.

There is a lot of different fitness classes and many low-intensity activities out there that have significant health benefits.The minutes you spend in any physical activity count, even if they are not all happening at the same time. Short walks throughout the day, going up and down the stairs instead of the elevator are small tasks that can make a difference.

You do not have to exercise all at once. You may take three times throughout the day to work out for ten minutes. It is all additive, the small amounts of activities throughout the day do add up.

9 SMART Health Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Making SMART small changes to your regiment lead to tremendous results. When you begin a new routine, you have to be patient until you get the hang of it. eventually, it will get easier and becomes a habit that you do and without thinking about it. I came up with 9 SMART Health Tips for you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

1. Exercise Early in the Day

Science proved that people who exercise first thing in the morning have a higher chance of adhering to an exercise routine. We are all aware that it takes the first few weeks to get accustomed to getting up early; that is the hardest part. It is best if you begin slowly with two days of early workouts a week. It is best to ease yourself into a routine by enjoying the sleep in a few days a week.

Subsequently, you can add more early morning days. It is an excellent way to establish a healthy habit if you beginning with two days a week is an excellent way to establish a healthy habit.Preparing what you need the night before makes it easier to get up and be on your way out the door.

2. Get an Exercise Partner

It is ideal to have an exercise partner who will help you with accountability especially if you meet for a workout. Workouts with a friend, a spouse or a colleague can be more enjoyable and fun!

3. Breakfast Is A Must!

Make breakfast your healthiest meal of the day! Don’t be like many people who skip breakfast because they are in a rush to get to work. Breakfast helps you start your day on the right path. It is extremely crucial if you are exercising in the morning that you pay close attention to your post-workout meal. This meal must have a balance between complex carbohydrates and protein as well as veggies!

4. Eat Fresh Vegetables

It is also a great habit to start eating more vegetables. Increasing your daily vegetable consumption allows you to benefit from the goodness of leafy greens. Vegetables have many nutrients to help with your endurance and assist in recovery. If you enjoy eating vegetables, try finding new healthy recipes which will help you enjoy them even more.

5. Eat Wholesome Meals at Home

Start by preparing foods at home to reduce the number of meals you eat out. Nowadays it is very convenient to enjoy healthy meals at home. Many Markets, even WholeFoods, provide meal pick-ups and home delivery. In today’s society, we can do most of our shopping online and have it delivered to our doorstep. It has become very inexpensive or even FREE! 

6. Prepare Ahead

It is best to allocate some time at the beginning of the week or on the weekend to plan a few good meals that you can eat for several days. New cooking appliances like the instapot can help you with your meal preparation. Then, when you prepare meals in the middle of the week, it will be quick and more convenient especially, on the days you rest from exercise. Enjoy new recipes and have fun cooking with fresh spices.

7. Keep on the Move

Keep on Moving! Move, Move, Move – sure you move when you exercise. Then you go to work and sit all day. Does that sound familiar? If you have a job that requires continuous sitting, set the alarm to get up every hour throughout the day and move. Try to utilize any of the fitness trackers to help you assess your activity status. 

8. Sleep Is Not Overrated

Adequate sleep is essential for good health. Getting in bed around the same time each night ensures you will get quality sleep. If you find it difficult to fall asleep, then, look into alternative remedies. 

9. Be Patient

Be patient and give yourself time for each new habits to become something you naturally do, thus the definition of the word habit. It takes time for your body to realize that a new pattern has begun but when it does its like clockwork!

Final Words

If health is the first thing on your mind this New Year, then try to seek out workout professionals and talk to a doctor before starting a workout routine. Schedule a visit with a registered dietitian for nutritional expertise.

New Year goal to transition to a healthy lifestyle is very commendable. I recommend that you be cognizant in which goals you try to reach, not just seeking these goals because you feel like you should or someone else is doing it. Instead, make it a fun experience for you!

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