SUPER Easy Snack Before You Workout!

A snack is essential to make sure you fuel up before any rigorous activities.

Super easy snack before workout, Peanut butter, banana, a slice of toast, dark chocolate chips, and chia seeds

A SUPER easy snack for pre-workout!

It is very important to make sure you fuel up before a workout. What is more convient than a super easy snack that takes a few minutes to make so you can be on your way to a great workout?

When to eat this super easy snack?

Eat this easy snack 30-45 minutes before your workout. You must give your body the chance to benefit from this super easy snack before you start a vigorous workout.

If you are a runner, I would recommend waiting a little longer or eat something lighter.

Banana Chia Chocolate Chip Toast With Peanut butter – A Super Easy Snack before Workout


🍌 1 banana= good potassium and quick carbs (fuel)
🥜 1 Tbs of peanut butter = healthy fat
🍞Whole grain bread (includes wheat) = carbs
🌰chia seeds = good omega 3 is a great super food!!
🍫 Dairy-free chocolate chips because we love chocolate 😉

Watch this short video to learn how to make this healthy Banana Chia Chocolate Chip Toast. Super quick and yummy

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