Make Tea Work for You

Many cultures around the world drink different kinds of tea daily, and some consume a specific type of tea to lessen the harmful effects of the food they eat. The principle reason tea works for weight loss is because it flushes out toxins from your system.

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Moderation is key in Healthy Holiday Habits

Mindful eating is a helpful tool year-round, but especially beneficial around the holidays. Think about what foods you enjoy compared to the foods that are available. Indulging in special treats is okay in moderation and can still be enjoyed from time to time as part of a healthy diet.

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Dutch Oven Product Review

The Lodge 6 Quart Dutch Oven in Island Spice Red is beautiful - the red is fire engine red and gorgeous, and the 6 Quart is the perfect size for cooking for 2-4. It is very well constructed. It is so easy to use and it cleans so easily. Amazing Cast Iron pot and the quality is superb.

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