The most significant responsibility we have as grandparents is to share and teach values. I didn’t have the privilege of knowing my grandparents (both sides), but I heard many great things about them from my parents that I felt I knew them. I will share with you some grand parenting tips to ultimate happiness as based on my humble experience.

“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It is really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”

~ Steve Jobs

My Father Greatly Influenced My Sons’ Upbringing

My sons were fortunate enough to know their maternal grandfather who lived with us for the better part while they were growing up. He shared his values and taught them and me many things – including the importance of family, God, work, a respectable life, and responsibility to the community.

My father, God rest his soul, taught us how to be cheerful and happy even during the hardest times and the saddest moment. My father always had a beautiful smile and a warm hug that no of us will ever forget. These are the things I look forward to teaching my grandchildren – and a few more.

Grandparenting matters! Grandparenting Tips To Ultimate Happiness. Spending time with grandchildren is the perfect life

My Role As a Grandmother

My role as a grandmother to my beautiful granddaughter is not a full-time commitment as some grandparents might face. My part is mainly a weekday of joy and sometimes a weekend when the parents are out-of-town, summer vacations and multiple reading commitments. My AnnaBanana enjoys reading, and I enjoy reading with her. Interested in what book Anna is reading now Click Here.

“A long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Importance of Family History

One of the best thing grandparents can provide is the family history which adds a rich sense of tradition to a child’s life. Being in touch with grandparents, children gain a positive perspective towards aging which helps them be keen to others and raise their life-long learning.

I am continually looking for things to enjoy with Anna when I am spending time with her. Anna is interested in music and has a musical ear for learning music very quickly. We listen to new songs and sing them together. Anna, bless her heart, doesn’t mind grandma’s terrible voice, she enjoys swaying to the music and humming the tune with her baby lyrics.

This activity creates a loving bond with my granddaughter because we share the things she loves with me. Anna loves when her grandfather and I are available to spend time with her and when we share in the activities that excite her.

6 Important Principles for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren | Grandparenting Tips

In this interview, Barbara Nathan provides some advice for grandparents raising grandchildren. I hope you enjoy the show! The AARP recently reported that, ...

Spending time with my grandchildren is very cherished by me – and one we don’t want to miss out on! Anna is only a toddler, and her baby brother is only four weeks old. She loves to share her favorite book or toy with, and we enjoy sharing it with her.

We don’t just buy her stuff; she doesn’t want things, she mainly wants our company. She understands at her 19 month-old self when we discuss things with her or promise to take her to the park after her morning nap. She loves to go out with us, and we find it very joyful to have that connection with us.

Whenever I spent time with my grandchildren, I do my best to make the most of it. It is a fantastic feeling to roll back the years and be in the company of young ones who are very pure and happy. I come home, a bit tired mind you, but rejuvenated and very satisfied.

You will not believe how gratifying it is to be able to provide those growing young ones a nurturing, and secure, loving environment. I must say, it requires a lot of patience and understanding to be able to communicate with those young minds who are sponges and may know more about electronics and gadgets even an engineer like myself may not be able to keep up.

Nevertheless, I feel being a grandmother can be an essential part of a growing child that can turn into a forever advocate for a child to love.

And believe me, that is what I call the perfect life! It just doesn’t get better than that!

Mona and Annabanana. Grandparenting Tips To Ultimate Happiness

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