Positive thinking helps improve your well-being. Your thinking reflects your outlook on life – your attitude toward yourself. This is the Power of Positivity.

“Happiness cannot come from without, it comes from within.”

Helen Keller. 

Are you an optimist?

If Not? Are you willing to change your mindset to become a positive thinker?

Studies show that optimism can affect many areas of your health and well-being. Optimism is an essential part of managing stress and improving your health. Positive thinking is a skill that can be learned.

History also has shown that those with an optimistic outlook on life are the ones who usually find the most success.

The Power of Positivity

Understanding positive self-talk

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Anais Nin

Positive thinking doesn’t mean that you ignore life’s unpleasant situations. Positive thinking leads to approaching unpleasant circumstances optimistically and productively. You have the outlook on life that the best will happen, not the worst.

Positive thinking usually begins with self-talk. Self-talk is the unspoken thoughts that go through your head. It is your choice to have your thoughts be positive or negative. If the thoughts in your head are frequently negative, your prospect is more likely pessimistic. If your ideas are mostly positive, you’re definitely someone who thinks positively.

Usually, having a positive viewpoint enables you to cope better with stressful situations. Essentially, you will more likely be physical activity, and follow a healthy lifestyle with less stress and more enjoyment.

Sometimes we tend to magnify the negative aspects of a situation and forget the positive ones. Even worse, we tend to anticipate the worst. We tend to strive for total perfection or feel that we are a total failure.

The Power of Positivity

How to Achieve The Positive Thinking Mindset? And Experience the Power of Positivity

1. Recognize areas to improve

Identify things about you or your life that you habitually think negatively of; relationship, work, or commute. Start by focusing on approaching one area more positively.

2. A few times during the day, evaluate your thinking

If your thoughts are mainly negative, try to put a positive spin on the situation. Talk yourself out of the negative views. Force yourself to see the positive in any situation and convince yourself of it.

3. Convince yourself to smile even during hard times

  • Seek happiness in every day’s happenings. When you can smile, you are more likely to be less stressed.
  • Exercise, a short walk is the best thing to clear your mind. This type of activity can positively affect mood.

4. Choose your company

Create a circle of positive people in your life. If you are mainly surrounded by negative people, their attitude will rub off on you and will tend to make your thoughts more negative.

5. Talk yourself out of negativity – Practice positive self-talk.

If a negative thought comes to mind, think about it rationally and find what is right about it. Remember the things in your life for which you are thankful.

The Power of Positivity

Here is how you can talk yourself out of negative thoughts:

Practice positive thinking:

Instead of Saying thisSay it Positively
I have never done this before.Great, this is an excellent opportunity to gain new experience.
It looks very complicated.I’ll tackle it from a different angle.
I have no resources.Necessity is the mother of invention.
I don’t have the energy to get this done.I may not have the time for it now, but I will look at my schedule and re-prioritize my tasks.
There is no way it will work.I will make it work.
No one is communicating with me.I’ll see if I can open the channels of communication.
I don’t have it in me to get better at this.I will give it one more try.

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To Experience the Power of Positivity, Keep on practicing positive thinking daily:

  • You will not become an optimist overnight. However, with practice, your self-talk will include fewer self-criticism, and you will be less critical of everyone around you.
  • When your state of mind is optimistic, you will be able to handle everyday stress more effectively. This will positively impact your lifestyle and your wellbeing. Go ahead, reap the benefits of positive thinking.
  • Be happy, Be healthy and live life to the fullest. After all, we only live once.

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