I can’t believe it! We are already living in the year 2019!!

Many of us are working on making good habits. Exercising, clean eating, and having a positive mindset are a few resolutions that we work on mastering every year. For many of us, a new year resolution is more about getting rid of bad habits such as negative thoughts, mindless eating, and sedentary lifestyle.

You know that unhealthy eating is terrible for you the more you do it, the worse it is of course. So, I think it is a healthy decision for everyone to make. If someone makes that decision, I say good for you.

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A positive mindset affects the brain and makes a person feel happy, but that feeling is your brain trying to relieve the body in a time of stress. It turns out that one negative thought too many can cause damage, both mentally and physically.

If you have a chronically negative mindset, it puts such a strain on your body, and over time you can get depressed and suffer from the isolating results of depression, anxioty, and irritability. Positiveness is the free prescription to happiness. Surround yourself with uplifting, positive people who can encourage you to stay uplifted and joyful.

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It is time to put down the bad habits.

Keep on moving! The lack of physical activities can fill you with all kinds of toxins, fat, and cholesterol and those kinds of things that deplete your health.

After abandoning bad habits, doctors encourage us to pick up a good one, like working out.

It’s good stress; exercise is good stress!. 

Exercise releases endorphins in the bloodstream which make you feel good, and help your body stay healthy.

“It releases natural anabolic steroids that make you stronger and faster. So exercising is a great thing; run, use a treadmill, a stationary bike or even walking for 20 minutes at a time will do you a world of good.

For those who are planning on kicking bad habits in 2019, experts say it only takes the body 20 to 40 days to cleanse itself from toxins and can undo years of damage.

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If any of you is uncertain about how to begin, whether quitting unlean eating, negative mindset, or lack of activity, please consult with your doctor before taking on an aggressive regimen that may not be suitable for your current health.  

Happy New Year! Stay happy, stay healthy and Keep on smiling.

Tips on How to Stay Healthy in 2019

Tips on How to Stay Healthy in 2019
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