How to Conquer a Diet and Fitness Plateau

Are you stuck in a weight-loss plateau? Do you feel that all the exercise and diet routines that melt pounds away in the past suddenly do not seem to be budging the scale any longer? Or, did you hit a weight loss plateau? No worries, here are the top 10 weight loss plateau tips to conquer a diet and fitness plateaus.

Top 10 Tips To Overcome Weight Loss Plateau

If you have found yourself stuck in a weight loss plateau, don’t sweat it! We all have faced this dilemma in the past. However, some of the things that seemed to work for us are included in these 10 tips:

1. Set definitive short-term goals

Now, let us examine why setting definitive short-term goals is essential. Honestly, knowing what you want to achieve week-to-week or month-to-month helps you reach your goal quicker. It is, by far, the best tip to overcome the weight loss plateau.

2. Share your goals with someone

Some will wonder, why should I share my goals with others? Frankly, telling friends or family members what you want to achieve gives you more accountability to stay on track.

Goal sharing is an essential aspect of a weight loss plan because accountability encourages you to overcome weight loss plateau and keeps you on the right track.

3. Increase Your Activities.

Furthermore, you might already know the benefits of exercise. It increases many metabolic processes as your heart rate, which burns extra calories. Also, aerobic activities such as running or bike riding rev up your metabolism for hours after finishing and burns even more calories. Our challenge is to log at least 10,000 steps daily or to do any other form of physical activity. However, to bust through a plateau, you may need to step it up and go above and beyond.

4. Change It Up

To change things up, you may opt for lifting weights three times a week. You may try to add an elliptical exercise couple of times a week. How about eating oatmeal every day? Or try egg whites and veggies instead. Just mixing up your daily routine will keep things exciting and will ensure you remain on track. 

5. Boost your metabolism

Your metabolism naturally slows down as you lose weight, making it harder to meet your weight loss goals. The good news is exercise can keep it stoked. On top of the cardio you’re probably already doing, consider adding two to three days of strength training with weights. Strength training helps to preserve and build muscle, which gives your metabolism the lift it needs.

6. Make yourself a priority

Eating healthier and exercising more can be time-consuming, but setting aside enough time for yourself is vital to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

7. Keep a food journal – An excellent tip to avoid weight loss plateau.

Honestly, after following a diet for a while, we find ourselves loosening up and begin to grab the wrong things. It is unbelievable how much more food we tend to munch on without realizing it! So, it is important to eat mindfully by keeping a food journal for accountability. Just try it for a week. Some of you are already keeping a log. Furthermore, you must pay extra attention to your beverages consumption, especially alcoholic beverages, sugary drinks, and what you add to your tea or coffee. You might be adding extra calories to your diet without realizing it. 

It might also be time to start using measuring cups and food scale again. You will be surprised at how much you underestimate portion sizes, which further amplify your calorie consumption.

8. Remember that your body is unique.

Don’t compare your weight loss journey to anyone else’s — everyone loses weight at their own pace, and nobody’s experience is quite the same.

9. Drink two cups of water before meals – my favorite tip to avoid weight loss plateau

Water is essential for a healthy metabolism. More than 60% of our body is water. Meaning, you need an adequate water intake to ensure your body functions properly. To stay hydrated, drink two cups before you sit down to each meal — this boosts your hydration and will even help you eat less by taking the edge off your hunger.

10. Do not expect instant gratification.

Commit to the process. When the scale doesn’t reflect your hard work, remember that losing weight isn’t instantaneous. It’s a process.

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