Healthy Habits Advice From Top Health Experts

Healthy Habits Advice From Top Health Experts

More than once, we promise ourselves to improve our health habits or achieve specific goals, like attaining a positive mindset and being happy. Some of us might be looking forward to purchasing a new house, finishing school, getting a new job, or recovering from an illness. Here are top health experts’ top healthy habits advice to master healthy habits now.

Get A Complete Health Checkup:

Many health-savvy researchers claim that most of us have acquired poor health habits. Therefore, it is unsurprising that we visit healthcare professionals with more advanced symptoms. 

We all should get the most important tests and know our numbers, such as BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar, liver and kidney function, and complete blood count. 

Health experts also advise that you could get these tests quarterly. Your doctor may also seek further investigation depending on your prevailing symptoms or risks.

Make Sure to Drink Plenty of Water Daily

Dr. Kasenene says everyone should drink more water but start small. For example, do not jump from four to eight cups a day.

He advises starting slowly until you reach your optimal water intake based on weight. You can also enhance the water’s taste by adding lemon, cucumber, or mint.

Is Tea or Coffee a Healthy Habit?

You do not have to cut the coffee altogether. Replace a second or third cup of coffee with green or ginger tea. The high content of caffeine drains the body. 

After a meal, ginger tea is especially beneficial for digestion, detoxification, and anti-cancer properties.

Should You Avoid Sugar and Sugary Foods?

Sugar consumption has steadily increased among individuals and can be very addictive, says Dr. Kasenene.

Consuming less sugar or stopping it altogether is also essential, if possible. 

Dr. Kasenene says that it may seem ridiculous, but your body reacts to sugar as well as it responds to hard drugs like cocaine!

That is why it is essential to break this addiction to increase your well-being ultimately. 

Truthfully, it is challenging to cut sugar right away. For example, reduce it by cutting the number of tablespoons to half weekly, and your body will adapt over time. 

If you want something sweet, grab some juicy, ripe fruits like berries, pomegranates, and clementines. These fruits will gradually turn your body into fewer desserts.

How Often To Eat Fruits and Vegetables?

Dr. Kasenene recommends eating fruits and vegetables at every meal, both raw and cooked.

These foods are low in calories and contain nutrients, minerals, vitamins, fiber, and enzymes that boost health. He recommends three to four servings of fruit or vegetables a day.

Is Adequate Sleep An Important Health Habit?

Dr. Kasenene advises getting six to eight hours of sleep every night. Rest is one of our body’s most important functions, regulating and healing cells. Don’t give up sleep; instead, get more to extend your life for years.

All factors include the best sleeping position, which is less demanding. Dr. Golooba encourages you to have a good pillow and recommends a fiber pillow.

However, your sleeping pillow must be thick enough for your head to lean and tall enough not to tilt. You will need more than one pillow to feel comfortable in other sleeping positions.

Physical Wellness – A healthy habits advice from top health experts

Quraish Golooba, a physical therapist from the UMC Victoria Hospital, shares healthy habits regarding the physical well-being of our body:

Exercise More An Important Healthy Habit: 

Exercise improves your mood and mental acuity and improves your balance, muscle mass, and bones.

It’s not about going to the gym but consistently achieving significant and lasting benefits. Start with a walk in the neighborhood for about 10 minutes, and try walking 30-60 minutes three to five times a week. 

If you are a beginner, be aware of starting small so as not to shock your body. Dr. Golooba also recommends exercising correctly to maintain your body and endurance limits.

Appropriate Lifting Techniques

Lifting weights is integral to strength training; however, it must be done correctly to avoid injuries. Using your knees and hips to lift your back is less stressful.

If you want to raise something heavy, ask for help so your back will not get damaged. Furthermore, ensure that your workstation suits you using a good office chair supporting your back while sitting.

Mental Wellness – One Of The Healthy Habits Advice From Top Health Experts

Evelyn Kharono Lufafa, Counselor at Kiira Medical Center, says that our mental well-being is vital for optimal functionality.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the critical habit of recognizing your own emotions and those of others.

To improve your emotional intelligence, you must use your feelings to manage core emotions such as anger and identify and interpret the primarily nonverbal signals that others constantly communicate with you.

Emotional intelligence helps you reduce stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflicts efficiently.

Hearing Abilities 

One healthy way to maintain good relationships is to listen to others. Many people love to be heard, but few listen, thus missing crucial things. Strive to listen more.

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