5 life’s Main Essentials

5 Life’s Main Essentials Everyone Needs

We all know the basic survival needs for humans like food and nutrients, Oxygen required to break down nutrients for energy, water for metabolic reactions, etc. However, there are 5 more life’s main essentials that everyone needs in varying degrees.

I am not referring to those basic needs; I am speaking of the main essentials for humans to feel alive and vibrant! Many equate their livelihood to money and wealth; others think of their careers as the defining element of their existence. Few more believe that health is more important than wealth. Nevertheless, we always think about it.

We, at Life’s Main Essentials, came up with five essential universal needs that drive central human behavior. We all need those five essentials, but in which order we value those needs determines our life’s direction.

Essential No 1: Security and Comfort

Certainty and security give us the feeling that we are in control. With this certainty, we can comfortably predict what is coming next. The sense of comfort is essential in creating pleasure and avoiding the pain and anxiety that comes with the stress of the unknown.

Our risk tolerance stems from how secure we are in our survival mechanism. We are willing to take the magnitude of risk in life, albeit in a career path, relationship commitments, investment portfolio, or even in our daily routines. Risk-taking gives you the flavor of variety and the need for uncertainty in life that builds character and makes life worth living. 

5 more life’s main essentials that everyone

Essential No 2: To Love and Be Loved 

Love is the fuel of life; it’s what we all strive for and need the most. Love is unconditional. It can be gratifying, and sometimes it wounds you. But we all pursue Love, and we try to love as much as we can to feel alive and nurture our spirit.

Love is an essential need of the soul. When we find Love, whether it is a spouse, a friend, or a family member, like a child or a grandchild, we genuinely feel fulfilled.

Essential No 3: Feeling of Importance or Uniqueness.

Humans strive to feel meaningful, memorable, unique, or needed. Some try to get significance by having more problems than everyone else. At the same time, others may focus on being more spiritual.

Some think spending a lot of money can make you feel important, likewise spending very little and always brag about their bargains. Many will pay for anything that makes them feel happy, special, unique, or outstanding, anything that makes them stand out from the crowd. 

Essential No 4: Growth:

It is a common belief that if I am not growing, then I am dying. Growth is vital in relationships, businesses, and knowledge. It will help if you believe that you are continuing to grow.

Push yourself to do more than was comfortable or you ever thought possible. Growth will allow you to experience true fulfillment because you will have something of value to give.

Essential No 5: Charity and Giving

The fulfilled living is about giving! Life is not just about getting what we want; it is about our community. It is about all of us. Giving is sharing, sharing yourself, sharing the good news with a friend of a loved one; sharing enhances any experience.

Giving and sharing allow you to have a meaningful life that stems from giving, not getting. Giving has a long-term happy effect, much longer than the happiness you experience when you receive.

5 Life's Main Essentials Everyone Needs

Final Thought:

Go on, think of what is essential to your life. Order the list of the 5 life’s main essentials that everyone needs, mentioned above, to suit your priorities. Try to work on each one in the order you see fit. Enjoy life, live it to the fullest, and remember you only live once.

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