The Power of Your Smile - 5 Powerful Reasons to Smile Today

5 Powerful Reasons to Smile Today

When you decide to choose happiness, you will realize that your emotions are your responsibility. So, regardless of your circumstances or what was happening around you, you have the power to manage your feelings. Here we reveal the 5 powerful reasons to smile today.

Often, it’s not an easy choice; it is sometimes a challenge. However, a smile is what others see, and honestly, it helps you shake off the negativity you feel at the moment. Hence, feeling much better.

The Five Powerful Reasons To Smile

1. When you smile, others will find you more confident and attractive. 

When you introduce yourself with an engaging smile, you will draw others to you like a magnet. People around you are interested in being around a person with uplifting energy. Most of us want to be lifted and feel better, not worse. So if you bring the party with you, the party will follow you wherever you go. Smiling, no matter how serious you are, will make you seem more approachable and friendly.

2. Smiles are contagious. 

When you acknowledge people with a smile, they will smile back. Everyone likes to be recognized. Since we are made to smile, then smile and make someone’s day! Don’t be serious all the time to miss out on the fun.

3. Releases feel-good hormones. 

As you smile, your body will release the same hormone that gives chocolate its ‘feel good’ response to your brain. Did you know that only a smile is 2000 times as powerful as a bar of chocolate and without the calories? Also, smiling reduces stress-inducing hormones cortisol. Additionally, it increases mood-enhancing hormones like serotonin which leads to reduced stress and lower blood pressure.

4. Smiles make complex situations more tolerable. 

When challenging situations happen, and they will, you have the choice to slip into negativity or smile anyway. When you believe in your commitment to stay positive, you will keep smiling and remain cheerful. Staying positive and smiling helps make situations much more bearable.

5. The often you do it, the natural it becomes! 

Smiling will become a new habit. Your brain’s natural tendency is to think negatively as a defense mechanism. So, it is best to practice smiling more frequently to lay a new foundation of neurotransmitters and retrain your mind. Our thoughts influence our feelings, which then affect our actions. When you feel depressed, sad, angry, or confused, find something worth smiling about. Try to think of something for which you are grateful. Talk to your family or friends. At times, watching a funny movie or listening to a comedian can change your mood and make you smile. Many find volunteering at a park or hanging out in nature very helpful. You can also visit any of your local animal shelters and look after some neglected pets. Just do something you know will turn that frown upside down, and your feelings and behavior WILL follow.

5 Powerful Reasons to Smile Today


Ultimately, when you deal with life head-on and hold your head up high, you will stand tall, walk with purpose, and give everyone your best. Smiling more often has made a massive difference for many. It will help you interact positively with people and make you feel 100% better every day. Try it; it is free.